Ideal Features

All topics clearly presented in line with exam board specifications

(Matched to the DfE specifications as used by all English GCSE exam boards)


Matt finish for easy highlighting


Each card lined on the reverse for note/reminders/examples


Choice of 

Spiral bound cards (for use all year round)


large format (for those who need a bigger print and benefit from coloured background)

GCSE Maths Resources

The Smarter Study Products from Red Cliff Learning are just that - smarter - with the unique combination of features that make the notebooks, card books  and maps the ground-breaking invaluable companions for studying, revising, teaching and tutoring


Your syllabus and your notes
Matched point by point with the DfE (Department for Education) specification

 at Higher and Foundation levels

(with the initial learning notebook, as set out by the DfE, as a precursor to Maths GCSE 9-1. )



  • Matt finish for easy highlighting

  • Lined spaces for personal notes

  • Learn by heart formula list

  • Topic List

  • Comprehensive Index

  • Tick boxes for accomplishments

You will wonder how you ever managed without them!

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At Red Cliff Learning we listen

to what our customers have to say-

students, teachers or parents


 Red Cliff Learning recognises the demand from students studying Maths GCSE 9-1, as well as the teachers, tutors and parents around them, for a complete set of all the right facts at their fingertips


We write and publish exactly this in our Smarter Study Packs


Smarter (spiral bound) Study Cards

Smarter Study Maps


Highlighter, tabs and carry case to keep it all organised


   Top Quality Syllabus

   Study Cards and Notebooks 

Written to match the DfE specifications as used by Edexcel, AQA, OCR, and all other England GCSE exam boards, these invaluable cards and notebooks systematically cover every topic for Maths GCSE 9-1 comprehensively and concisely, printed for you in typical revision card, mind map and notebook format.

For Students

Students often choose to compose revision cards or make other notes, putting information into manageable, memorable chunks.

Consolidating the myriad of Maths information and sources available, understanding it, making sure that it is correct and that nothing vital has been missed out, can be a daunting, challenging, frustrating task that takes up too much  time - time that is good to spend revising the facts and formulae and practicing questions, which together are so valuable in assisting the student to become familiar with what the questions are asking and how to respond.

Red Cliff Maths GCSE all year round Smarter Study Cards have been written to help with this, in response to the straightforward requirement by students to know exactly what there is to know and to recognise and manage their study progress, as the pieces fall into place.

Every topic is covered, clearly, comprehensively and concisely, and the reverse of each card is lined  for when the student wishes to add any of their own notes or jot down queries or reminders.

For Teachers

Our Smarter Study products include syllabus books,  spiral bound study cards and large format cards. All are comprehensive diagram and example form of the Maths GCSE 9-1 syllabus.

Specifically written for teachers, the Smarter Syllabus Books  have the Maths GCSE syllabus information put together in notebook form, with space on each page for your own notes. All reference numbers to the specification are clearly indicated assuring you of accuracy and reliability.

For teachers, looking for time saving and efficient planning and tracking of lessons and making sure that the complete Maths curriculum is covered, the Smarter Syllabus Books are absolutely ideal.  Each page is referenced to the exam specification with space for class notes, plus there is both a topic list and full index of terms for easy reference. 

This one compact, incredible Smarter Syllabus Book saves you time and gives you peace of mind - and frees you to enjoy bringing Maths to life in the classroom with your talent, creativity and flair.

Ensuring that each of your students has the matching spiral bound Smarter Study Cards provides the continuity between the syllabus, classwork, homework and revision that is so beneficial  


With the Smarter Study cards, your students have the ideal reference system to which they can add their own notes. They can follow exactly where they are in the Maths course,  becoming more familiar with the contents all the time and establishing their own, reliable, personalised revision cards.


For Tutors

If you are a tutor you will find that having a Syllabus Book yourself for each student is invaluable - you know at a glance exactly what each individual already knows and what is left to be learned. 

The students themselves make maximum progress having their own sets of cards too - the facts are at their fingertips ready to be applied to homework, and revised for tests and exams.

For Everyone
 Finally, whether  teacher, student, tutor or parent, you have peace of mind knowing that the cards and books are written exactly to your exam board syllabus. 


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