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Want to find the answers to your questions about Red Cliff Learning Smarter Syllabus system of Smarter Syllabus Books and Smarter Revision Cards? Would you like more general information on how to revise?

Take a look through each of our Frequently Asked Questions tabs (for students, tutors, teachers) below. -  If you have something else to ask  then please use the Contact Form on our Contact Page - we'll do our best to answer.

Frequently asked questions

For Students

How to make revision cards

Revision cards are a great way to memorise key information for tests and exams. They can easily be made by cutting them from A4 sheets of card yourself but most stationery shops will have cheap useable blank or lined cards for you to work from. Most important - be organised! Make sure you cover everything that you need to know - every topic and every point not just what you think you know. Go through the textbooks and information from the course, if you have the syllabus then check that too and make bullet points of all of the important facts. Just writing them down will help you memorise them. when you have completed your cards, look through them again, read your notes, cover them up and try to remember what is on them - then check if you were correct. Revisit the cards before your exam. We know that maths revision presents a unique challenge in that practicing as many questions as you can as well as learning the right facts is such a valuable way to revise. This is where Red Cliff Learning can help. With the Smarter Revision Cards you know you have all the correct facts to hand as you practice, and they can be personalised with the reminders that matter most to you.

What is the difference between revision cards and flash cards?

Flash cards are short term memory aids - mainly pre written not designed to have any notes added to them (typically colourful and shiny). They would normally cover just the key points of any information and are normally best used as a backup to other revision techniques. Revision cards are longer term memory aids - mainly designed to be written on and to have personalised notes. Revision cards are a way of organising your own revision - making your own notes re-inforces the information you memorise and then using them in a similar way to flash cards, once they are written, adds another layer of memory retention.

How do I use Smarter Revision Cards?

Red Cliff Learning Smarter Revision Cards are pre-organised and cover every point on the exam syllabus. Each card has tick boxes to keep track of the points you know and a main tick box for completion. You can start by looking through all of the cards and set aside any that cover what you are aleady confident with. For the remaining cards: - Some will have information on the card that coupled with what you already know will be sufficient to read through and understand as they are - Tick off each point as you work through these and then treat them as flash cards for revision - Some of what's left will look famililar and jog your memory - Tick the "I'm working on it" box and check out info from recommended videos or text books, discuss with a teacher, tutor or friend and practice related questions - Jot reminders or highlight points that matter to you on the back of the card as you go - Some may be topics you don't recognise as they haven't been taught to you - If you want to find out more, take them to someone who can help and see if they can spare the time to teach you and/or go through some practice questions - As the exam approaches practice past papers - Have your cards handy for reference and the things you need to learn by heart

What is the best way to revise?

Some points to keep in mind 1) Organising - plan what you are going to do, break each subject into manageable small topics. make timetables and allow time to revisit topics at least twice. 2) Focusing - revise in an environment without distractions. Some people revise better with background music, other like to walk around some talk to themselves, whatever works for you as long as it is not a distraction. Sit at a desk, by yourself have your books, laptop/tablet and revision cards handy along with pen and paper and a clock to keep to your schedule. 3) Learning - reading information, distilling into condensed notes, making revision cards, learning by heart , practicing questions especially past papers 4) Refreshing - notice when you've had enough and take a break.

For Tutors

Which exam board courses do you cover?

We specialise in Maths GCSE and cover the main English examination boards. Edexcel, AQA and OCR at Higher, Foundation and soon to be released Preliminary Learning. Specifically:- Edexcel Maths GCSE 9-1 Higher Edexcel Maths GCSE 9-1 Foundation AQA Maths GCSE 9-1 Higher AQA Maths GCSE 9-1 Foundation OCR Maths GCSE 9-1 Higher OCR Maths GCSE 9-1 Foundation DofE Maths GCSE 9-1 Preliminary Learning (due for release summer 2018) We are currently in preparation for WJEC England and Wales releases later this year.

How would I use a Syllabus Book?

Red Cliff Learning Smarter Syllabus Books are ideal when used by tutors on a one per student basis. The books cover the complete examination board specification following the topic order and covering each learning point (not all application or applied points). The specification points covered are referenced on each page and in the topic list at the front. There is also an alphabetical directory containing standard mathematical terms at the back with page details. When working through the pages with each student, there are tick boxes to keep track of progress and half the page is for notes - yours or your student's. When the book is complete the course is complete. If you also give your students a matching revision card book (spiral bound) then they will be able to keep their own track of progress, have specific cards to work on by themselves and will be able to ask questions related to information that you both have. The student's cards will build into a final revision tool and your syllabus book will track progress and be easily archived for your records.

For Teachers

Can you help with Maths Course preparation?

We cover the main UK (England) examination boards for Mathematics GCSE 9-1, Edexcel, AQA, OCR. These three and all other examination boards for courses set in England now follow the DofE (Department of Education) specifications. Edexcel and AQA very closely mirror the DofE documents, OCR have their own structure but keep to the same basic content. If you are teaching to Edexcel, AQA or OCR then the Syllabus Books will tell you what to include in the course and at what level it is expected to be learned. If you are teaching to a different examination specification then following the Edexcel or AQA syllabus content will ensure that the DofE content is included. Each page in the syllabus books is referenced to the examination specification and is in effect the specification in diagram/example form. Work through the book putting possible dates/week numbers on each page and you will be able to split up the course into lesson chunks. By ticking off as you go you can keep track of progress and very easily hand over to a stand in teacher if needed.

Why would students need their own spiral bound revision cards?

Revision cards are great leading up to exams - by providing them bound into a book you enable each pupil to start revising from day one. They will be able to follow their own progress, just ticking off when they know or understand a point and will have built their own individual revision tool by the time the exams approach. These revision card books will not replace any other text books or notebook but for minimal effort per class will aid in focussing each pupil on the areas that they need to focus on.


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