And the Winner is..........

Hannah Burke from Rivermead school, Gillingham!

Hannah used her skill and judgement to match eight maths based quotations with their historical figure and won for her class 32 sets of the newly launched spiral bound Smarter Revision Card sets and 2 Syllabus Books.

Head teacher, Mrs Uden took us on a tour of this delightful, busy, friendly school and it was great to see their teaching philosophy being taken on by happy and courteous students very engaged in their lessons. The prize books and sets of cards are headed for the 6th Form, headed up by Hannah for use in their Maths GCSE work.

Valerie Redcliffe from Red Cliff Learning with head staff and pupils from Rivermead School.

Rivermead educates young people aged 11 to 19 years with a range of complex needs. We were very impressed to learn about their mission, which is to enable young people with challenges to progress to the very best of their ability, in order to have every life opportunity. At Rivermead it is about the complete person. Learners are valiued equally whatever the difference in their abilities or behaviours.

Red Cliff Learning are very pleased to be invited by Rivermead School to have a stand at their graduation ceremony and will be delighted to join in celebrating the successes of their students in the summer .

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