Smarter Syllabus

Smarter Syllabus Books - Preparatory Learning are matched to the DfE suggested levels of attainment for pre-GCSE and are relevant to all English exam boards 

Smarter Syllabus Book
Preparatory Learning

The Smarter Syllabus from Red Cliff Learning includes Maths GCSE 9-1 Preparatory Learning

Use in preparation for all Maths GCSE courses as the content of the Smarter Syllabus Preparatory Learning Book is the background knowledge specified by the DfE for students embarking upon Maths GCSE 9-1.
Matched to the DfE (Department for Education) level for preliminary/initial learning leading to both Foundation and Higher level exams

Matt finish for easy highlighting
Lined sections for syllabus/class/student notes
Every page referenced to the DfE specification
Formula lists
Topic list with reference to the specification
Comprehensive index alphabetically arranged

Notebooks are 94 pages in A5 format and follow the Smarter Syllabus System of giving you the information to be taught as well as space for your own notes.

Preparatory Learning

Written to match the new DfE (Department for Education) Syllabus which is the basis for all of the maths GCSE specifications issued by main examination boards in England.

All pages are labelled with the DfE reference to the relevent points for the preparatory learning level of the Maths GCSE 9-1 specification.

Ideal for teachers, tutors or anyone looking to structure pre-GCSE work. 

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Syllabus Reference Pack AQA Edexcel OCR

Preparation for
Maths GCSE 9 - 1 

This book is designed to be used before the GCSE 9-1 syllabus and provides the foundation that both the GCSE 9-1 Foundation and GCSE 9-1 Higher build on.


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