Syllabus Books

The Smarter Syllabus notebooks cover your exam board specification, point by point, so you can see at a glance what is to be taught 

Smarter Syllabus Books

The Smarter Syllabus products from Red Cliff Learning includes Maths GCSE 9-1 Syllabus Books
Matched separately to individual exam boards


AQA (Assessment and Qualifications Alliance)

OCR (Oxford, Cambridge and RSA)

 at Higher and Foundation levels

Matt finish for easy highlighting
Lined sections for syllabus/class/student notes
Every page referenced to the specific specification
Formula lists (given and expected to know)
Topic list with reference to the specification
Comprehensive index alphabetically arranged

Notebooks are A5 format and spiral bound so that they can be easily left open at any page. They come in 136 or 180 pages for Foundation and Higher respectively.

The diagram/example pages are matched page by page to the corresponding Smarter Revision Cards - meaning any student with spiral bound or loose Smarter Revision Cards  can easily link classwork with homework.

You will wonder how you ever managed without one!

Straightforward Information

Keeps an on the spot accurate record of
   what has been covered so far
   what's left to be learned

Provides the ideal way to

    see all the facts at a glance

    add your own examples/reminders 

Gives you peace of mind

    knowing you have exactly the right content for the relevant exam board at the right level

Main exam boards

    Every page clearly marked with the relevant exam board reference. 

Choose from Edexcel, AQA and OCR exam boards in Foundation or Higher

Syllabus Notebooks











    Making the ideal reference for


  -you, the teacher, for efficient, time saving, at a glance planning, teaching and tracking classwork 


  -you the tutor, for straightforward, effective tracking of individual student progress

  -every page is clearly marked with the relevant exam board reference

Maths GCSE 9-1 syllabus book
Syllabus/Student - Tracking/Scheduling


When lesson planning you can have no better resource than the Smarter Syllabus Book for time saving and efficiency and making sure that the complete Maths curriculum is covered,

We understand that Maths teaching is the bridge between the syllabus and the student. The Smarter Syllabus Book gives you peace of mind knowing it is written to your exam board and frees you to enjoy bringing Maths to life in the classroom in the way that you choose.


In cover lessons, cover teachers can be completely clear about specifically what the students are working on and how they can best assist; the Maths topics, point by point are there in front of them.


The syllabus and progress tracking in one simple package for your students' examination boards.

Using one book per student and making progress notes on the pages as you go is the time saving and efficient means of maintaining student notes and scheduling lesson content. 

Smarter Syllabus

When each student has a set of spiral bound Smarter Revision Cards, they can find exactly where they are in the GCSE Maths course and will have their personalised cards ideal for linking classwork to homework and revision.

You can be assured that any product from the Smarter Syllabus System provides a complete view of the GCSE Maths syllabus enabling everyone to fulfill their potential.

Foundation Pages
Higher Pages

Higher or Foundation


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